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NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Repairing Casters for Wheelchairs

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Repairing Manual Wheelchairs starting with casters

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Repairing Casters Part 3 Economy wheelchairs

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Importance of cleaning casters on manual wheelchairs

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to clean casters on wheelchairs

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Facility and process for DME sanitization

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to adjust wheel locks Part 1

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to adjust wheel locks Part 2

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to adjust wheel locks Part 3.

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to adjust wheel locks Part 4

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video How to adjust wheel locks Part 5.

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Matching user to wheelchair

NH Refurbished Equipment Market Video Introduction to New Hampshire's REM. See Procedures links.

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video of Layout and Design of Repair Workshop for DME

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video A look at who donates equipment for reuse

NH Refurbished Equipment Marketplace Video Other DME equipment accepted in REM program

Hubscrub Company Video Demo of product and cleaning process

How to Clean a Manual Wheelchair NEAT Center at Oak Hill presents How to Clean a Manual Wheelchair

How to Clean a Folding Walker NEAT Center at Oak Hill presents Sanitizing a Used Walker

14 Point Check for Wheelchair Video demonstrates a 14 point check for a manual wheelchair.

Topeka Donation Drive AT equipment drive tv spot by Assistive Technology for Kansans

Project MEND Tour Narrated tour of the equipment refurbishing areas

Project MEND Success Story Customer explains benefits of AT acquired from MEND

Walton Options CIL on Handling Pickups Transportaton, Donations

Walton Options CIL Helpful Tip Advice for startups

Walton Options CIL Startup Advice Tiffany Johnston on Need for donations policies

Walton Option, IL Model and Hospital Collaboration Working with hospital discharge planners

Walton Options CIL on Sustainability Contributions Encourage recipients to make minimal contributions

Walton Options CIL Marketing Dealing with equipment drives

Walton Options Tour Part 2 "Clean" and "Dirty" storage areas

Walton Options CIL How Reuse Started How the reuse program started and grew

Walton Options CIL Reuse and the IL Model Meeting the needs of users and professionals

Walton Options CIL Equipment Donations Processing How donated devices are handled, sanitized

Walton Options CIL Building Vocational Skills Training on how to reuse assistive technology

Walton Options CIL Developing Reuse Program Balancing reuse with CIL objectives

Walton Options CIL Defining Schedule of Reuse Ops Balancing reuse ops with other CIL operations

Walton Options CIL on Sustainability Strategy to encourage financial contributions

Massachusetts Reuse Programs Kobena Bonney explains Mass Match and partners

Mass Reuse CIL (Boston CIL) Thomas Perry on CIL reuse program

MASS Reuse Program AT Act Program, School Share Ann Shor Dir of AT and IL MA Rehab Commission

MASS Advice for Reuse Challenges for reuse programs pickup and store

Sanitizing a Power Wheelchair Paraquad's Assistive Technology program (St. Louis)

MASS Marketing Reuse Programs Massachusetts reuse programs

MASS Get AT Stuff Explained How to use Web exchange site

MASS Using Get AT Stuff How to use exchange web site

Mass. AT Exchange Funding How it works

Mass. Match AT School Share How AT device exchange works in school system

Sanitizing Nonelectrical Equipment at Paraquad AT program at CIL in St. Louis

Sanitizing a Walker New England Assistive Technology Center, Hartford, CT

Sanitizing and Repairing a Manual Wheelchair NEAT, Hartford, CT

Kansas Success Story Kansas Equipment Exchange

Paraquad Success Story 2 Customer experience

DC Shares Success Story 1 Computer reuse customer shares story

FREE Foundation Success STory Customer turned board member tells his story

FODAC Success Story 1 Surprising device match for immigrant with scoliosis

FODAC Success Story 2 Sip and puff device

FODAC Success Story 3 Chris Brand and Dianne Ramsay discuss customers

Introduction to FREE Foundation What FREE does

Introduction to DC Shares District of Columbia AT program

Introduction to FODAC 2010 Chris Brand

Paraquad, St. Louis Tour 2010 tour of AT reuse program

NEAT How It Started Lee Learson describes how the program began

NEAT Emergency Response How NEAT helps in disasters

NEAT Marketing Part 1 How NEAT markets its services

NEAT Marketing Part 2 How the program is marketed

NEAT Service Information Who NEAT serves

NEAT Vendor Relationships 1 Working with suppliers

NEAT Vendor Relationships 2 Discussion

NEAT Vendor Relationships 3 Discussion

Reuse Is it a good idea Consumers' points of view

NEAT Sustainability Sustaining the program

NEAT Hard Knocks and Lessons Learned Shared experiences

NEAT Sustainability Volunteers Using volunteers

NEAT Sustainability Vendors Working with vendors

New England Assistive Technology Marketplace Tour

Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (REM), NH Tour of New Hampshire reuse program

REM Web Store 1 REM's online store

REM Web Store 2 REM's web store

Alltech, Reuse in Maine 1 History, part 1

Alltech, Reuse in Maine 2 History, part 2

CIL Berkeley Consumer A consumer viewpoint

CIL Berkeley Consumer Benefit Costs How CIL saves customer money on services

CIL Berkeley Sustainability with Vendor Partnering with vendor for billing system

CIL Berkeley Origins and Reuse History of the first independent living center

CIL Berkeley Vendor Agreement Contract for technical repairs

CIL Berkeley PreMarketing How the AT reuse center is promoted

CIL Berkeley Model and Vendor Relationships Partner in the DME model

CIL Berkeley Model AT Center with wheelchair repair embedded

CIL Berkeley Tour 1 AT reuse and repair shop

CIL Berkeley Tour 1 Triaging donated equipment

CIL Berkeley Tour 2 Review of how donated equipment is processed

CIL Berkeley World Institute on Disability Need for expanded reuse

Bridge Disability Ministries, Meyer Mobility Ctr Bellevue, WA reuse program

Bridge Disability Ministries, Bellevue, WA, tour Tour of Meyer Mobility Center DME reuse

InterConnection Origins Organization started 1999 to provide technology

InterConnection Who They Serve Who gets refurbished computers

InterConnection Advice to Computer Reuse startups Considerations for new programs

InterConnection Emergency Response Responding

InterConnection Tour Facility tour

InterConnection Marketing the Good and the Bad Pointers

InterConnection Marketing for Sustainability Strategies

InterConnection Recycling Competition and Marketin Recycling

InterConnection Output and Supply Output and supply

InterConnection Sustainability Strategies

InterConnection Store Tour Store tour

InterConnection Keeping an Eye on the Future Strategies

InterConnection End of Life Equipment Recycling

Vermont AT Exchange Needed in Schools Sharing AT devices in schools

Vermont AT Exchange in Schools Sharing AT devices in schools

Vermont AT Exchange Benefit AT Teams How sharing devices benefits teams

VT AT Exchange Success Story Duplicate devices saves money for parents and school

VT Implementing AT School Swap Educator explains School Swap

VT Implementing an AT Exchange Implementing multiple AT programs, Medicaid program

VT AT Exchange Website How Exchange website works

VT AT School Swap Exchange Website How School Swap works

VT AT Successful Collaboration AT partnerships

VT AT Exchange Working in Schools Finding a device for a student in another state

FODAC Tour Part 1 Receiving FODAC's 65,000 sf facility loading dock

FODAC Tour Part 2 Emergency Response Supporting disaster response with equipment

FODAC Tour Part 3 Receiving Donations Reconfigured loading dock for receiving and shipping

FODAC Tour Part 4 Safety in Receiving Reconfigured wheelchair ramp

FODAC Tour Part 5 ReMount Wheelchair lifts for vehicles program

FODAC Tour Part 6 Thrift Store for Sustainability Thrift shop generates revenue for sustainability

FODAC Tour Part 7 Sanitization How donated devices are sanitized

FODAC Tour Part 8 Equipment Repair Service Affordable repair services at FODAC

FODAC Tour Part 10 Unskilled Volunteer Opps Work areas for occasional volunteers in medical supplies

FODAC Tour Part 12 Manual Wheelchairs Repairing manual wheelchairs

FODAC Tour Part 13 Repair Shop Shop for power devices

FODAC Tour Part 14 Using a Community Meeting Room Meeting room used by community for awareness

FODAC Tour Part 15 Completions and Distribution Refurbished equipment distribution

FODAC Tour Part 16 Entrance and Lobby Redesigned front entrance, atrium, covered entry for buses