2015 AT Reuse and AFP National Conference

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Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hotel Liaison Capitol Hill DC, Washington DC


Day 1: Monday, August 31, 2015

8:00 AM Registration

9:00 AM - Opening Session and Welcome

Room: Metropolitan Center

Welcome from Joey Wallace, RESNA Catalyst Project and Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

Presenter: John Wren, Deputy Administrator, Center for Integrated Programs, Administration for Community Living This session lays the groundwork for discussions related to assistive technology reuse and alternative financing programs and the unique potential that AT offers to enable and support independent living. It overviews what has been accomplished in the areas of reuse and alternative financing, reports national data and outcome measures, and examines the current national scope and vision for the future.

10:15 AM - Session 1: (All) - How We Do What We Do: Panel on Program Structures and Interplay

Room: Metropolitan Center

Presenters: Leo Tonevski, MA; Kathy Adams, ME; Tonya Goodman, MD; and Kim Cantrell, CA

In today’s political and financial environments, it is important to understand not only the role your own program plays in helping people with disabilities, but also how you can play a part in working towards comprehensive, wrap around services. Panel members will discuss their program structures, and how they have opportunities to interact and assist people with disabilities beyond their own program bounds. In addition, opportunities for future collaborations will be explored.

11:45 AM Lunch (on your own)

During this time there will also be an opportunity for programs wishing to discuss and learn about the CDFI process to come together and speak with an expert in this area.

1:15 PM – Session 2a: (AFP Admin) - Program Sustainability and Financial Supports: Planning Towards the Future

Room: Metropolitan Center

Presenters: Arlene Lugo, CT; Mark Kudlowitz, CDFI; Jack Brummel, WA

Programs are facing an ever tightening environment, and making every penny count is important. Program representatives will discuss their strategies towards sustainability and future planning.

Session 2b: (AFP Direct) - Asset Building and Education for Clients

Room: Metropolitan East

Presenters: Sarah Richardson, KY; Holly Windorski, NE

For today’s Alternative Financing, as well as other loan programs, just providing a means to the device is not enough. Program representatives will speak to their efforts to enhance services offered to applicants and clients, and next steps and future trends will be explored.

Session 2c: (Reuse Admin) – Building “Win/Win/Win” Relationships through AT Reuse: A Closer Look at Medicaid Collaborations

Room: Metropolitan West

Presenter: Linda Jaco, Oklahoma ABLE Tech; Sara Sack, Assistive Technology for Kansans

Moderator: Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

Several AT Act Programs are collaborating with Medicaid to assist individuals with disabilities acquiring the AT they need through AT Reuse. Presenters will examine various models, discuss successful strategies, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Session 2d: (Reuse Direct) - Best Practices: Effective Equipment Management – Donations, Triage, Inventory, Sanitization, Repair/Refurbishment and End of Life Recycling

Room: The Hub

Presenter: Sonja Schaible, FREE Foundation; Chris Brand, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

Moderator: Liz Persaud, Pass It On Center

Attendees will explore how successful reuse programs are managing donations of equipment, organization, inventory tracking, customer service, and learn the steps required for sanitizing equipment to make it safe for reuse including evaluation of devices for repair, reuse or disposal.

2:45 PM - Session 3a: (AFP AII) - Best Practices: Maximizing Your Program and Meeting Your Potential

Room: Metropolitan East

Presenters: Sheila Levy, KY; Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

How do you best meet the needs of your clients, while at the same time juggling all the regulations and requirements you follow as a program? This panel will discuss various ways of maximizing a program’s impact to the consumer and not only meeting, but excelling in terms of customer service while following the law.

Session 3b: (Reuse Admin) – Trends and Tips for Diversifying Funding Streams: A Closer Look at Healthcare, Independent Living, Aging, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans, and/or Public Education Collaborations

Room: Metropolitan West

Presenters: Cathy Valdez and Denise Bennett, Project MEND; Chris Brand, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children; Kim Cantrell, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers; Barclay Shepard, Virginia Assistive Technology System; Laura Plummer, Wisconsin Wistech

Moderator: Joy Kniskern, Pass It On Center

Panelists will discuss strategies for diversifying funding resources including fundraising strategies, considering fees for reuse services, exploring potential partnerships with other organizations, and strategies for outreach to untapped communities.

Session 3c: (Reuse Direct) - Best Practices: Raising your AT Reuse IQ – Policies, Procedures, Liability, Tracking Inventory, and Data Management

Room: The Hub

Presenters: Lindsey Bean Kampwerth, Paraquad, Inc.; Lauren Rock, AT4ALL Assistive Technology Partnership; Sam Murphy, Washington Assistive Technology Act Program

Moderator: Liz Persaud, Pass It On Center

Presenters will review some of the options used for tracking inventory, customer service, and data management and how these tools help to shape policies and procedures.

5:00 PM Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast/Networking

9:00 AM - Session 4: (All) – National Perspectives: An Overview of ACL and Collaboration with FEMA

Room: Metropolitan Center

Presenter: Rob Groenendaal, Administration for Community Living; Marcie Roth, FEMA

Moderator: Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

With the recent transition, Rob Groenendaal will provide updates from ACL and explore emergency management opportunities for the AT Act Programs. Marcie Roth will provide an overview of FEMA and discuss possibilities for future collaboration.

10:15 AM -Session 5a: (AFP All) – Strategies for Marketing, Sharing Your Stories, and Advertising Your Programs

Room: The Connect

Facilitator: Kim Cantrell, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

This session will be a discussion around and sharing of marketing materials, strategies, and opportunities. Bring your marketing materials and have plenty to share!

Session 5b: (Reuse Admin) – Sustainability Planning: Developing and Sustaining Your AT Reuse Network

Room: The Grid

Presenters: Lauren Rock, AT4ALL Assistive Technology Partnership; Cathy Valdez and Denise Bennett, Project MEND; Chris Brand, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

Moderator: Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

Panelists will discuss strategies for sustaining reuse programs. Topics include considering financials for reuse services, liability protocols, partnering with other organizations and individuals, and development of boards or advisory groups.

Session 5c: (Reuse Direct) - Best Practices: Matching Equipment to Individuals

Room: The Hub

Presenters: Lindsey Bean Kampwerth, Paraquad, Inc.; Sonja Schaible, FREE Foundation

Moderator: Liz Persaud, Pass It On Center

Matching persons to equipment requires specific expertise. Additionally, the principles for matching can be beneficial to programs of all sizes, and for exchange programs as well as refurbishing operations. In this session, the presenters will examine what is needed and share recommended policies and procedures.

'11:30 AM Lunch (on your own)

1:00 PM - Session 6a (Reuse All) - Emergency Management & AT

Room: Metropolitan Center

Presenters: Marcie Roth, FEMA; Amy Goldman, Temple University Institute on Disabilities; Joy Kniskern, Pass It On Center; Jamie Karam, Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network

Moderator: Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

AT reuse can plan a key role in emergency response. Presenters will address how individuals can work and leverage resources with local emergency management agencies, key community partners and the use of formal agreements to facilitate the sharing of AT resources. Experts will share information about the model Memoranda of Agreements to facilitate the acquisition of assistive technology resources and services following disasters.

Session 6b (AFP All) – New Grantee Forum

Room: Unite

This session will provide an informal environment for new grantees of AT AFP grants to interact and ask questions of each other as well as more seasoned program personnel.

2:40 PM - Session 7a (AFP All) – Open Forum: Questions and Answers

Room: Unite

Facilitators: Eric Reed, FL; Sheena Jaffer, DC

Questions submitted in advance will be used to guide this open forum style discussion amongst and between program representatives. Come ready to participate!

Session 7b: (Reuse Admin) – Telling your AT Reuse Story Effectively: A Closer Look Return on Investment Formulas and Effective Marketing Practices

Room: The Grid

Presenters: Cathy Valdez, Project MEND; Chris Brand, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC); Helen Baker, STARS Alabama; Joy Kniskern, Pass It On Center

Moderator: Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

Measuring the effectiveness of AT reuse programs is important for making the business case for AT reuse to financial supporters and overall budget. This session addresses methods for calculating the return on investment in AT reuse and using those calculations to leverage funding. Panelists share successful marketing campaigns and strategies to increase awareness in the community, donations of equipment for reuse, and financial support for the program.

Session 7c: (Reuse Direct) - Best Practices: Operating an Effective AT Exchange Network

Room: Connect

Presenters: Laura Plummer, Wisconsin Wistech; Clayton Guffey, Arizona Technology Access Program

Moderator: Liz Persaud, Pass It On Center

Operating an effective AT exchange network requires specific expertise, policies, and procedures. Presenters will share their best practices, lessons learned, resources, and unique information for making an AT exchange network and program a success for the community.

4:00 PM General Closing Session & Wrap Up (All)

Presenters: Joey Wallace, RESNA Catalyst and Carolyn Phillips, Pass It On Center

This general session will summarize critical points, resources, lessons learned, discussion from the last two days, and address any questions from participants before wrapping up and adjourning.

5:00 PM Adjourn

Safe Travels Home!